We have started up Frökk and Fruma again. They have both been into breeding and now we have taken the foals away from them. Fruma is a 1. prize mare with a total score of 8,08 at Landsmót 2008 then 4 years old.
Fruma is sired by Hróður frá Refsstöðum and Þruma frá Hvítárbakka. Fruma had a black stallion last summer sired by the great Ægir frá Litlalandi (8,51). Frökk is a very promising mare with good tölt and confirmation, 8,16 as 4 year old and 9,0 for neck and shoulders. Frökk is sired by Þróttur frá Hvalnesi (that we had in training once) and Kylfa frá Frostastöðum. Frökk had a black stallion as well sired by Kvistur frá Skagaströnd (8,58).
We are looking forward to get these two ladies into shape again.

Frökk & Fruma in training again