Sandra is from Sweden and went to Iceland 1997 to learn more about training and riding  the Icelandichorse “for real”.
Sandra has since then been working on big breeding farms like Miðsitja, Úlfsstaðir, Varmilækur and Blesastaðir.
She is a  certified trainer and C  instructor by Hólar University and  a member of  The Trainers Association in Iceland, Félag Tamningamanna.

Sandra works as a sales agent for the Insurence Company VÍS-Agria.
During the fall 2006 Sandra went to Sweden for a special education for ridning instructors at the Strömsholm-school.
Sandra has been teaching in Akureyri since 2005 and she started up the Knapamerki-education system from Hólar there and she is now mainly teaching in Blönduós, Iceland and in Sweden.
When Sandra is not in the saddle she loves to photograph.

Raggi is from the small village Dalvik in the north of Iceland and has been growing up with Icelandic Horses and he has been riding, training and compeating since he was a teenager.
Raggi is a son of the famous rider and sportjugde Stefán Friðgeirsson and has learned a lot about horses from his father.
Raggi is also a member of  The Trainers Association in Iceland, Félag Tamningamanna, and he has been working a lot with youngsters in diffrent farms in Iceland and he also has been working at Andreas Trappes farm Lindenhof in Germany. There he got his education about shoeing horses.
Raggi is a big fan of the bay stallion Smári frá Skagaströnd and he was the first one in Iceland who showned an offspring of Smári at an evaluation.
It was the amazing mare Jodís frá Skagaströnd and she recieved 9,0 for trot, peform under rider and slow tölt, only 5 years old. Raggi has also an education as a navigator of big freezer-trawlers.

During 2009 and 2010 Raggi participates in the KS-Meistaradeild Norðurlands, a tournament for professional riders in the Northen Iceland.