Feeding, salt & minerals (VitaBaetir). Deworming and hoofcare.
A stay with the big herd in Látrarströnd from june-september if owner wish. (Not stallions)

All prices are without VAT 25,5%

:  Mares/geldings/youngsters: 5.000 ISK per month

1/12-31/5: Mares/geldings/youngsters: 14.000 ISK per month

1/6-31/11: Stallions: Agreement

1/12.-31/5: Stallions: Agreement

For one year: 100.000 ISK.

All horses staying at Hléskógar must be insured by owner.


65.000 ISK per month. Discount if the horse stays more than 3 months.

Stallions: 75.000 ISK per month

Farrier service is not included in the trainingfee.